American Hash Makers

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At AHM we truly enjoy the natural flavors that come through on all of our products. Keeping turpines fresh with each batch to ensure the highest quality product is delivered each time to our customers.

Afghani Bat Hash is exclusive to AHM. Andrew was mentored by the student of world renowned hash maker Billy Batman. No other 502 processor has our knowledge, experience, and craft perfected.

Kohl processing is committed to providing the recreational user with a variety of products. Including but not limited to: Afagni, Bat Hash, Rosin, Full Melt Bubble Hash, Pressed Hash, Kief, Dry Sift, Dried Flowers

When Hash was first being conceptualized hundred of years ago; the hashashin would hand rub charas directly off the live buds, or bale up hundreds of plants to be dried and sieved in coming winter months.Now we apply current knowledge to ancient practices we are able to elevate the quality of today’s hash .